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Buying A Commercial Ice  Machine For Your Business And What To Know


How Much Space Do I Need For An Ice Machine?

When choosing a size of commercial ice machine for a space you have in mind be sure you have enough space for the machine, bin, and filter. Adequate and open space for air flow is crucial for maximum ice production. The size of the commercial ice machine, clearance space for upening and closing the machine and additional space perhaps on the sides for proper air flow is recommended.

What Size Ice Machine Storage Bin Should I Get?

Choose a bin with enough capacity to hold slightly more than the amount of ice you typically use in 24 hours. Usually a 10-20% capacity buffer is enough to make sure the bin is large enough. Your usage patterns also can affect this. Over the course of the business day, your staff might need to use ice at the same time as the machine is replenishing your supply so spikes in use for things like meal times as assisted living centers may mean you need a larger bin.

Can My Commercial Ice Machine Run Off Tap Water?

We recommend using a water filter with every ice maker to prolong the life of your restaurant ice machine and improve the ice taste. Ice is a type of food in restaurants and the flavor of your tap water will be passed to your customers. Water quality being low can also affect the life of your machine intenally.

How Much Ice Do My Customers Use?

When choosing a commercial ice machine to buy you can estimate based on the type of business you run and the number of people you serve. Some common estimates are as follows. Restaurant ice machines need an estimated 1.5lbs of ice per meal served per day. For hotel ice machines estimate 5-7 pounds of ice per room you have (this large number can be split between floors and multiple hotel ice machines). For hospital ice machines estimate 12 lbs of ice per patient you have (Daily total on average with 10% extra added for spikes and valleys). All businesses use ice machine differently so be sure to think of your personal situation when looking at these very basic commercial ice machine sizes and estimates.

Should I Use Filtered Water Lines?

Filtered water lines or a tankless water system to feed your ice machine will increase the life expectancy of your ice machine. Your customers will taste the water you use so it is best to filter it.


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