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Shipping Container Prices And Condition Options


When buying a shipping container and comparing shipping container cost it is important to know what to expect in your price range and the container terminology that goes with each price range.

1. As-is shipping containers and well used shipping container cost – Expect to pay $1500-$2000

If you are looking for a bargain or a handyman container for a use that does not demand cosmetics a bargain shipping container is a great option. These shipping containers can have an extensive amount of damage or rust to the doors, sides, joints and wood flooring. The cost of a well used shipping container like this may make sense for your project.

2. Average or common condition shipping container – Expect to pay $2000 – $3500

If you are looking for a quality container that can be used for storage, security or most any personal or farm project at a reasonable price, then renting or buying a used container might be the best way to go. Most containers reach the market in good but not great condition as shown below.7 Used containers for purchase in a range of average condition can cost anywhere between $1,900-$3,500, depending on the size and condition of the container.

One trip containers and grade A container prices – Expect to pay $2500 – $6000

If you are looking for a high end one trip shipping container or one that has never been used and are willing to pay full price, a ‘one-tripper’ is the right container for you. One-tripper containers have been manufactured and shipped directly from China, carrying their first and last load of cargo. 


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